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Who are we?

We are a small team of brazenly good looking individuals with our head office based out of Melbourne. That’s right, our founder Stef and the rest of the guys and girls are real people, and that’s what you can expect when you contact us. Like most Aussies, we love our sport, our mates and a fair go. We’re proud to be Australian Made.

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  • QuantumGel Memory Foam Pillow

The QuantumGel Memory Foam Pillow

Welcome to the world of QuantumGel. A reticulated masterpiece specifically designed to support weight and loosen only where necessary to give you a special floating sensation. Heard of the cloud? This is it!

  • Italian designed and made
  • Patented technology
  • Engineered for your well being


A reticulated masterpiece designed to sustain weight and loosen only where necessary. Its unique honeycomb-like structure provides optimum airflow, combining with the molecular structure of QuantumGel to keep you, yep. Cool!

QuantumGel top

QuantumGel side


Memory FormX

Designed to spread load and reduce pressure points. Memory FormX is the first visco-elastic mold-injected memory foam with an open cell structure.

QuantumGel top

QuantumGel side


Punctuated Pinholes

Punctuated pinholes provide excellent airflow for proper hygiene, dissipating heat and diffusing moisture, all complimented by an Organic Cotton Italian Made Cover.

QuantumGel top

QuantumGel side

OzMattress Pillows are Made for Wellbeing

Memory FormX is the first visco-elastic mold-injected memory foam with an open cell structure. Ergonomics, hygiene, perspiration and personalization to progressively adapt with your head, gently contour and provide a unique feeling of soft relief.

  • Water Expanded
    During the foaming process no expanding agents are used but water.
  • CFC Free
    During production no chlorofluorine substances harmful to environment and our precious ozone are used.
  • Undeformable
    Our products don't change their shape after use.
  • Foamed In Mould
    Product born from a foaming process inside a preformed mould.
  • Glue Free
    A patent pending process. We are able to combine varied materials with Memory FormX without glue.
  • Transpiring
    Hyper-transpiring materials
  • Fire-Proof
    Our products are fire-proof according to the Italian and Australian regulations.
  • Anti-Mites
    Our products are mite resistant. They are anti-mite!
  • Ergonomic
    Designed with ergonomics in mind, suitable to relieve tension and pains.

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