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Who are we?

We are a small team of brazenly good looking individuals with our head office based out of Melbourne. That’s right, our founder Stef and the rest of the guys and girls are real people, and that’s what you can expect when you contact us. Like most Aussies, we love our sport, our mates and a fair go. We’re proud to be Australian Made.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

General Questions
Why are you so affordable?
We don't have retail stores and therefore don't have the exorbitant overheads. We have designed a range using the finest materials proudly Made in Australia for Australians. We wholeheartedly believe, that we offer Australia's Best Value Luxury Mattresses. Simple.
Why is mattress comparison shopping so difficult?
It is difficult to match up mattresses in a sea of retail confusion. is different, with only 3 models to choose from, we have removed the clutter and carefully designed ideal mattresses which are functional and full of the benefits to assist you to get the best nights sleep.
How do you shop for a mattress and what do you look for?
Its important to know what 'your' requirements are. Our research suggested that there are so many people who share similar requirements. Our Mod, Supra and Grand Master all share similar key benefits and then we have added some fancy extras.
What is the most popular size?
Certainly for adults, queen and double are the most popular sizes. We offer mattresses available in double, queen and king.
How much money should I spend on a mattress?
Most salesmen will come out swinging with the old adage, 'you get what you pay for', but they're usually alluding to, 'something's worth as much as someones prepared to spend on it'. Does spending $5000 on a $2000 mattress make it better quality? Nope.
What type of mattress is best for heavy people?
Whilst there are no set rules, it is recommended that a medium-to-firm mattress be selected. As well as offering comfort, the firmer foams used in these mattresses double as additional support layers prolonging the life of the mattress. It is also advised that the mattress you choose offers premium mattress side support. (See Supra and Grand Master)
Products Questions
What is your mattress comfort Guarantee?
Its peace of mind for you and we stand by our product. You have 100 nights to try your mattress and if you are not satisfied we'll swap it. It's honest, easy and true. Scouts honour!
Will your mattress work on slats?
No sweat! In fact, we recommend them as our own bases are slatted. Just ensure the chosen base is in good condition, has equally enough support in the centre as it does the edges and that the slats are no farther apart than 15cm. If you're not quite sure if you base is up to scratch. Just give us a call or email us. We'd be delighted to help!
What sizes do you carry?
We currently have stock in our warehouses of Double, Queen and King. If you require a size that is not available on the site, just drop us a line and we may just be able to order a special one, just for you!
Are there any discounts available?
We're always on SALE. Transparent pricing all year round. If you're after more then one, we can offer bulk discounts.
What happens to a mattress after it is returned?
One of two things, it is sent away for recycling or donated to charity. In both instances they are treated, recycled or refinished in plain white for donation.
Are your mattresses vacuumed sealed, boxed or folded?
Ok we admit it, this is not a Frequently Asked Question, but we think it should be, our mattresses are the real deal and require two man teams to transport and move, they weigh in over 40kg each! You can't just add water an hey presto, so don't be fooled by misleading photos, cheap imports and nasty retailers that knowingly sell compromised products. Remember, you'll be sleeping on it for 10 full days per month, for many many years to come.
Can I purchase just the mattress?
Absolutely. Our mattresses are sold in-dependant from our bases. They are standard industry dimensions and would suit equivalent sized bases and beds.
Is latex different from memory foam?
Latex and memory foam are completely different and offer their own set of benefits. Latex is a natural rubber, it is high in resiliency, and will follow the contour of your body whilst offering great support due to elasticity and dense nature. Like the name suggest, memory foam, is low resilient. It has the ability to mould and conform to your body and maintain that shape. It's primary purpose to to alleviate pressure points in the body.
What is your cancellation policy?
Let us know as soon as humanly possible, preferably prior to delivery. We will manage and arrange all the refunds and returns at no charge to you.
User & Care Questions
When is it time to replace a mattress and base?
The life of a mattress is influenced by many factors; quality of materials, construction, distribution of weight and the quality of a mattress base. Further, unrelated to durability, comfort preferences can change over time so your sleep may be affected on harder or softer surface. We recommend replacing your mattress every 7-10 years to suit your personal feel.
What should I do with my old mattress?
Leave it with us! We can have your old mattress collected for safe disposal at the same time we deliver your new mattress! Simple.
How do I care for my mattress?
What happens in the privacy of your own home is your business. Perhaps you can play some music when you're out, they can get lonely when you're not around. If you're after info on keeping your new mattress in great condition, we have a write up here.
Why do I feel sore and stiff after sleeping on my new mattress?
When changing your mattress, there will be a perfectly normal adjustment period. The average person takes between 3-4 weeks to perfectly realign, position and become comfortable with their new mattress.
You hear a lot about foam density. What does that mean?
Foam density plays a pivotal role in the performance and longevity of the mattress. High density foams have the ability to perform and bounce back time and time again. Low density foam may initially be comfortable, however, it lacks the substance to perform over a long period of time. only use High Density foams.
How do I make sure I get adequate support in a sleep system?
A matching base purchased at the same time of the mattress is recommended although not entirely necessary. An inferior foundation can significantly reduce the life span of the mattress, so take steps to ensure your foundation is adequate. If you're mattress is being placed on a slat bed, it's important to make sure of the following; there is a centre support rail positioned down the centre, the slats are sturdy and of a good quality and the gap between the slats is no read-more than 15cm apart.
Will a mattress work on my existing base or bed head?
Yes. Our mattresses are sold in-dependant from our bases. They are standard industry dimensions and would suit equivalent sized bases and beds.
How do I fit a king sized mattress up a narrow stair case?
Uncomfortably. This is not just common to staircases but narrow hallways and doorways too. Mattresses can flex somewhat and can be manoeuvred around corners. Bed bases however are totally solid. We overcome this issue by only offering king size bases split in two halves for easier installation. Problem solved.
Can I use an electric blanket on your mattress?
Yes, electric blankets are fine. Cigarettes on the other hand are not.
Warranty Questions
What is important in a mattress warranty?
When shopping for a mattress, you should focus primarily on support and comfort. The industry promotes lengthy warranties as product benefits but you should be aware that valid warranty claims are a very small percentage of sales. Structural damage such as loose, broken or protruding coils are extremely rare under normal usage. Over time, mattresses will wear out or your comfort preference may change, but these are not warranty defects, so don't be misled. Our warranty is up there with the best, 10 Years.
Shopping Online Questions
I have never bought a mattress online. Why should I buy through you?
Once upon a time, people the world over believed the internet was a fad and selling books online was destined for failure! Well, things have certainly changed, these days, it's not about what you can sell online, it's about how you can better leverage the internet to service your customers. We believe our unique combination of great price, quality product, free delivery, comfort guarantee, site experience and customer service is what makes us the best. No risk. Just reward.
Are there stores where I can try out the bed?
We are exclusively online! This provides us a unique opportunity to offer incredible service and pricing that is not possible with the big overheads of large showrooms, teams of sales staff and traditional marketing expenses. In saying that - somewhere, someone is making outlandish claims that they have a Grand Master on display ;) Obviously it's not true, and its most likely a fake! If like us you're not too keen on buying imitations, you can check out our online showroom for all the info you need, you'll be pleasantly surprised!
Which payment methods do you accept?
We accept PayPal, VISA, MasterCard and AMEX.
Can I place an order over the phone?
We'll gladly take your order over the phone. We're also available for a friendly chat if you have any concerns or queries we've not addressed on our site.
Shipping & Delivery Questions
Do you offer delivery, and if so, how quickly can I get my mattress?
You bet! We offer White Glove delivery on every eligible purchase. What is white glove? Our White Glove service gets the mattress into the bedroom of your choice fitted and installed. Our professional team even takes away the packaging for safe recycling.
How can you offer free delivery and installation on such large mattresses?
We've worked very hard to offer this service, we warehouse our products in every state we service. In effect, we save on our transport, speed up delivery and leverage our professional teams to get you white glove delivery, for free!
Can I pick up the mattress at your warehouse?
No. Our warehouses are not setup for customer dispatch. We only offer delivery and installation.
What if I can't get a base or mattress upstairs?
We do our best prior to having the mattress delivered to fully understand where your mattress needs to go. If in the off chance we can't get it into your desired space, we'll gladly refund or arrange for a queen or double mattress to be delivered.
What if my order arrives damaged?
We can't believe this question still needs to be asked and that some retailers promote it as a service. Here it is, we will part oceans to swap it, replace it or refund it… with cherries on top.
What if I'm not at home when you deliver?
Our team contacts you to arrange a time at your convenience and then follows up prior to delivery. If an emergency occurs and you're not around, we will arrange to return at your earliest convenience.

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