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Who are we?

We are a small team of brazenly good looking individuals with our head office based out of Melbourne. That’s right, our founder Stef and the rest of the guys and girls are real people, and that’s what you can expect when you contact us. Like most Aussies, we love our sport, our mates and a fair go. We’re proud to be Australian Made.

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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Ozmattress is an environmentally friendly business. Our Environmental Policy guides us in 3 ways:

Managing our business to avoid environmental impact

Reducing the impact of our mattresses

Contributing to the lowcarb° programme which embeds additional carbon reduction


Business Activities

We save energy on electrical equipment because they remain off unless they’re being used.

Office recycling is standard policy and we use recycled materials when we can.

We encourage our staff to be conscious of their actions generally, we rarely print and we discourage throwaway items


Mattress Wisdom

We try to reduce our energy demands and streamline any process if it will make us more efficient and help reduce our carbon footprint.

Because you’ve come to us online you haven't needed to drive all over town burning up fuel to find your dream mattress.

Once you've found the perfect mattress right here, we’ll deliver it with everyone else’s, just like car pooling!

We have a mattress recycling programme - when we deliver your new squeaky-clean mattress, we collect your old one and dispose of it in an environmentally responsible manner.


Despite our efforts, we can’t avoid leaving some impact on our planet, lowcarbº helps to reduce our impact even further. lowcarb° embeds environmental support into all our mattresses by utilising the integrity and accountability of verified carbon offsets from registered activities. Here’s how it works:

To guarantee that every tonne of pollution is genuinely offset, lowcarb° utilises the highest standards, such as the Verified Carbon Standard.
Many sustainable activities, such as saving rain forests, renewable power generation or cleaner industrial processes are made possible thanks to carbon offsetting.
Every carbon offset is accountable, they are uniquely serialised and recorded to ensure genuine support for cleaner technologies and the environment.
Every mattress we sell includes a lowcarb° contribution; at the end of each month the total amount is offset, permanently and publicly.

We've offset 1,122 tonnes of pollution!

= 100 trips from Melbourne to Sydney
= 10,000 litres of petrol
= 100 barrels of petrol

So far our lowcarb° contribution is equivalent to saving over 1 MILLION litres of crude oi!

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