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Christmas Traditions From Around the World

Christmas Traditions From Around the World

By dev on December 20, 2016.

Whilst people all over the world celebrate Christmas it is fair to say that how they do this varies considerably from country to country. In fact, in some countries they do not celebrate Christmas day until January.

So, if you thought your celebrations were just a bit different then why not escape from it all, curl up on your Oz Mattress and read about unusual things they do in other countries to make their Christmas celebrations unique, and see how they compare.

Russia and the Ukraine

Let’s start with those countries that don’t celebrate Christmas day on 25th December. Here Christmas is celebrated on 7th of January because the Orthodox Church still uses the old Julian calendar for all religious celebrations. Traditionally in the days before Christmas prayers are said and people fast, all in the run up to 6th January, Christmas eve. Then a 12-course meal is eaten as they catch sight of the first evening star.



Fancy roller-skating to mass? Then you will need to be in the capital of Venezuela, Caracas, for Christmas eve where they close all the roads it the morning to allow people to roller skate to the Christmas mass!



A traditional Christmas celebration in Greenland is not for those people with a delicate stomach! Here the Christmas food offering include Kiviak – a dish of raw auk flesh wrapped in seal skin, that is placed under a rock for several months until well fermented and Mattak – Whale skin with a strip of blubber inside it.



If your idea of the perfect Christmas celebration is jumping into icy cold water then celebrate Epiphany Day, 7th January, in Bulgaria. Here the priest throws a holy cross into the water and the local men (occasionally a few women!) jump in to get it. The belief is that the person to retrieve the cross will have good health for the next year, which is just as well after taking such an icy bath!



Czech Republic

Single women perform a rather charming and unusual traditional ritual on Christmas Eve in the Czech Republic. Standing outside their homes they throw one shoe over their shoulder to find out if they will marry during the coming year. If it lands with the toe pointing towards the door then there will be a wedding before the year is out, if however, it is the heel that points to the door the woman will remain single.

Whichever way you choose to celebrate Christmas, make sure you spend your nights sleeping soundly on a great mattress, allowing you to sleep better and enjoy the festivities even more!

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