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Our Mattress Blog

Posted December 22, 2016
5 Christmas Treats for a Midnight Snack In Bed

Over the Christmas period we are far more likely to have a few more late nights than normal. Things like the office Christmas party, getting together with friends and family and maybe even taking in a festive show or concert could all see us getting home very late and in some cases a little peckish with the need to have a midnight snack.

So just what late night munchies would be the perfect thing over the festive period that we could eat in bed before drifting off to sleep, without the need to change the sheets, covering our Oz Mattress, due to messy spills?

1.Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

We all spend our time in the run up to Christmas baking plenty of Christmas goodies - it’s great to have something in for when unexpected guests pop over and they can also prove to be very handy when you have a case of the midnight munchies following an evening out. Why not make a huge batch of your favourite recipe Christmas cookies with the kids, they should store for a while in airtight tins, ensuring there is always a snack on hand.


Not the ones still in their shells, but the pre-shelled kind – nobody really wants to be trying to go to sleep with sharp bits of shell in the bed. We always have them in the house at Christmas and filled with protein they make the perfect late night snack.

3. Turkey sandwich

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a turkey sandwich. So, take the opportunity whilst there is still plenty of turkey left and indulge in a late night festive snack, maybe even add a bit of stuffing or cranberry just be careful not to drop any on the  Oz Mattress bed!

4. Popcorn


Popcorn is a fantastic snack at any time, and whether you pop your own or buy the ready-made variety there are plenty of different flavours to try, so there is sure to be something to appeal to even the fussiest midnight snacker.



There are always lots of chocolates and sweets in the house during Christmas, it’s so easy to just grab a handful to munch when you are feeling peckish. If chocolate is your midnight snack of choice, then go for individual chocolates that you can eat in one go rather than a big bar that could crumble and melt all over your covers.

Of course, it’s not always a great idea to snack in the night, but as a one-off over Christmas, we’re sure it’ll be ok!

Posted December 20, 2016
Christmas Traditions From Around the World

Whilst people all over the world celebrate Christmas it is fair to say that how they do this varies considerably from country to country. In fact, in some countries they do not celebrate Christmas day until January.

So, if you thought your celebrations were just a bit different then why not escape from it all, curl up on your Oz Mattress and read about unusual things they do in other countries to make their Christmas celebrations unique, and see how they compare.

Russia and the Ukraine

Let’s start with those countries that don’t celebrate Christmas day on 25th December. Here Christmas is celebrated on 7th of January because the Orthodox Church still uses the old Julian calendar for all religious celebrations. Traditionally in the days before Christmas prayers are said and people fast, all in the run up to 6th January, Christmas eve. Then a 12-course meal is eaten as they catch sight of the first evening star.



Fancy roller-skating to mass? Then you will need to be in the capital of Venezuela, Caracas, for Christmas eve where they close all the roads it the morning to allow people to roller skate to the Christmas mass!



A traditional Christmas celebration in Greenland is not for those people with a delicate stomach! Here the Christmas food offering include Kiviak – a dish of raw auk flesh wrapped in seal skin, that is placed under a rock for several months until well fermented and Mattak – Whale skin with a strip of blubber inside it.



If your idea of the perfect Christmas celebration is jumping into icy cold water then celebrate Epiphany Day, 7th January, in Bulgaria. Here the priest throws a holy cross into the water and the local men (occasionally a few women!) jump in to get it. The belief is that the person to retrieve the cross will have good health for the next year, which is just as well after taking such an icy bath!



Czech Republic

Single women perform a rather charming and unusual traditional ritual on Christmas Eve in the Czech Republic. Standing outside their homes they throw one shoe over their shoulder to find out if they will marry during the coming year. If it lands with the toe pointing towards the door then there will be a wedding before the year is out, if however, it is the heel that points to the door the woman will remain single.

Whichever way you choose to celebrate Christmas, make sure you spend your nights sleeping soundly on a great mattress, allowing you to sleep better and enjoy the festivities even more!

Posted December 20, 2016
5 Ways to Get the Kids to Bed Early on Christmas Eve

‘Twas the night before Christmas and the kids were all giddy, mum and dad frantic over jobs still to do.....

In houses, all over the world this will be a familiar scene on Christmas eve, the excitement of not being able to wait to see if Santa will visit and what toys he will bring when he does come can make it hard to get the kids to bed on Christmas eve.

It doesn’t matter how comfortable their Oz mattress is - excited children find it difficult to drift off, and then of course you have the ones who are determined that this year they will stay awake and catch Santa out! Here are 5 ways you can get the kids early to be on Christmas eve so you can do all those last-minute jobs and wrap those final few presents, before having a well-earned rest.

Here are 5 ways you can get the kids early to be on Christmas eve:

1.Keep them busy


Make sure that you keep your children busy during the day to help tire them out. There should be plenty of jobs to do to get everything ready for Christmas day...and if they don’t want Santa to trip over their toys then maybe they should help by tidying their rooms!


It can be hard when there is lots going on and children are excited but sticking to their normal bedtime routine, and doing the same set of things in the same order every night can really help your children to unwind and get them ready for sleep. If you can, move the entire routine forward a little as they are bound to be up earlier in the morning and then overtired before Christmas day is over.

3.Warm milk

warm milk on christmas eve before bedtime

To some people, it is just an old wives’ tale that it can make you sleepy but warm milk contains tryptophan, a sleep-inducing enzyme, and it can have a very psychological soothing effect.

4.Bedtime story

A bedtime story is a great way to help your child unwind in the evening, make sure they are comfy and the lighting is low and then hopefully the gentle words of their favourite story will help them go to sleep.

5. Bribery


If all else fails remind them that Santa doesn’t visit children who are not asleep, this is sure to have them tucked up in bed in no time, and hopefully sleep will follow shortly.

From all at Oz Mattress – a very Merry Christmas!

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