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First class comfort layers of natural latex and premium high density comfort foam combined with our exclusive DND Coil all ensure an incredible night's sleep.

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Technologically advanced layers of Quantum Gel, visco memory foam, natural silk blends and premium HD foam. Grand Master: A class of its own.

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Our Mattress Blog

Posted November 30, 2016
Why Should You Invest In A Grand Master Mattress?

Sleep is one of the most important elements of our daily lives, and the average person will spend a third of their life in slumber. Sleep isn’t just important for re-energising us to be ready for a new day, but it also plays a vital role in resting and repairing our bodies to make sure we stay fit and healthy from within.

With such importance put on sleep, it therefore makes perfect sense that you should invest in a Grand Master Mattress to ensure you get a good night’s sleep every night and maximise the benefits to your quality of life and overall health. Just in case you need any more convincing, Oz Mattress have put together some key reasons why you a Grand Master Mattress will enhance your life.

Unparalleled support

Many people suffer from back problems and other aches and pains that are often linked to sleep, in particular mattresses that don’t support the natural curvature of the body. However, the Grand Master Mattress is specifically designed to offer the perfect level of support, which works to improve sleep quality and minimise general aches and pains. Featuring a myriad of the latest mattress technology, including fore Rhino coils, Quantum Gel and Visco Foam, the Grand Master mattress helps to provide better core stability, evenly distributed pressure during sleep and minimised partner disturbance.

Customised comfort levels

To make sure the Grand Master caters for everyone’s needs, it is available with a choice of comfort levels that will ensure complete comfort and relaxation, without sacrificing on the level of support. The soft to medium option comes with cushion softness, cradling and supporting you from all sides - while the medium to hard offers firm support with exceptional comfort. Having the right level of comfort with your mattress will ensure that you get a better night’s sleep to leave you feeling more energised and refreshed every day of the week.  

Long term gain

While investing in a state of the art mattress may seem like an extravagance you can’t afford; it is in fact an incredibly sound investment. There are various long-term gains to be had with a high quality mattress like the Grand Master. Firstly, unlike cheap mattresses it’s built to last so you won’t need to replace it any time soon. Secondly, it will improve the quality of your sleep and minimise aches and pains through sufficient support, which will all go towards making you feel healthier, more energised and more productive.

Go on, have a look at our range, you know you want to!

Posted November 23, 2016
Should babies share the bed with their parents?

Naturally, with newborn babies, parents want their little ones sleeping close-by to keep an eye on them and easily feed them during the night. For many parents the most obvious choice is to place them in a cot or Moses basket in their bedroom, but some parents also opt for co-sleeping with their babies.

share the bed

However, there is much of a debate on whether babies should share the parental bed or whether they should have their own room entirely. At Oz Mattress, we want to take a look at the divided opinions on this to give you a clearer idea of what’s best for your circumstances and ultimately your child.

Know the health risks

One of the major considerations with the idea that babies should share the bed with their parents (co-sleeping), is your baby’s safety. It's not uncommon for parents to suffer from extreme exhaustion and sleep deprivation in the first 6-12months, which if you co-sleep could put your baby at higher risk of accidentally being crushed by you or your partner, especially if you’ve been drinking alcohol.

There is also a greater potential for your baby to suffer from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), where babies overheat or suffocate, caused by combined body heat, heavy bedding or even a saggy or un-firm mattress that the baby sinks into. This is why it’s recommended to place your child in a cot or Moses basket on their back for the first 6 months.

Sleeping safely together

Of course, if you manage the risks, co-sleeping can be done safely and a great way to bond with your child. However, you need to ensure you have a firm mattress that’s big enough for more bodies and fits the bed frame well, leaving no gaps for your child to fall into. Also you want to keep bedding light and make sure your baby stays warm, but not too hot.

Setting boundaries

Another argument for giving your baby its own bed and eventually it’s own room to sleep in, rather than co-sleeping with you, is the opportunity to set boundaries and establish a sense of independence from each other. Naturally, babies are highly dependent on their parents, but parent also need their own space and time to relax and rest. Often with a baby nuzzling, wriggling and snuffling next to you in the bed, it can affect the quality of your sleep and inhibit intimacy between partners. On the flip side, co-sleeping in one room can also disturb your child’s sleep patterns, as coming in and out while they are asleep and getting ready for bed may wake them up.

Overall, to co-sleep or not is a personal choice, but if you do decide to snuggle up together in bed, always make sure you put your baby’s safety first.

Posted November 9, 2016
Can a bad night’s sleep affect your digestion?

We all know that not getting enough quality sleep can leave us feeling sluggish, run down and extremely tired, but can it also affect your digestion and your bodily functions.

At Oz Mattress, we want to look at how lack of sleep can affect the digestive system in particular. Naturally, there are various reasons why you might have a poor night’s sleep that may even include digestive problems such as heartburn, indigestion, nausea and abdominal pains. However, even if these aren’t the problem, a bad night’s sleep can still have an effect on the body’s digestive system.

It’s about quality and quantity

When it comes to sleep and the digestive system, it isn’t just about getting a lot of sleep, but also getting quality sleep. When you consume food your body has to use lots of energy to power your internal organs to digest, absorb and assimilate food into the body, which is why you tend to feel lethargic after eating.

When you go to sleep, your body automatically goes into a rest and repair phase to revitalise your organs and restore energy levels. However, if you have a restless night, the amount of repair within the body can be significantly reduced, which in turn may cause your digestive system not to function at their optimum level. Certainly, there is evidence to suggest that poor quality sleep can cause digestive problems to flare up in people with irritable bowel symptoms or sensitive stomachs.

The knock on effect

knock on effect

In addition to insufficient rest and repair to organs after the digestion process, there are also links to increased hunger and appetite through sleep deprivation. When you’re tired, the brain releases more ghrelin hormones that stimulate hunger and less leptin hormones that suppress appetite. This can cause people to eat more after a bad night’s rest, especially caffeine and sugary products that give an instant, but short energy boost. If poor sleep patterns are a continual cycle, it can also lead to weight gain, which comes with other health concerns.  

Another significant knock on effect of not getting enough sleep is the increased risk of developing stress and/or anxiety, which again can lead to digestive problems, high blood pressure and depression.

Promote a healthy night’s sleep

To help keep your digestive system in good condition it’s important to promote a healthy approach to sleeping to ensure you’re getting the best night’s sleep possible. Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet and exercising is vital. However, also you should avoid eating just before bed, allowing at least 2 hours of digestion time.

Invest in a quality mattress that supports your body for improved rest; as well as take time to unwind before you go to sleep. 

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