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We are a small team of brazenly good looking individuals with our head office based out of Melbourne. That’s right, our founder Stef and the rest of the guys and girls are real people, and that’s what you can expect when you contact us. Like most Aussies, we love our sport, our mates and a fair go. We’re proud to be Australian Made.

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Our mattresses are made and designed right here in Melbourne. Watch a little bit about us below.

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Our Mattresses
Our Mattresses
Our Mattresses
  • MOD Mattress 5
  • MOD Mattress 6
  • MOD Mattress 7
  • MOD Mattress 8
  • MOD Mattress 9

First class comfort layers of natural latex and premium high density comfort foam combined with our exclusive DND Coil all ensure an incredible night's sleep.

Double Size $799
Queen Size $899
  • Supra Mattress 5
  • Supra Mattress 6
  • Supra Mattress 7
  • Supra Mattress 8
  • Supra Mattress 9

Enhanced use of technology and comfort, delivers you a durable all round mattress that will last the distance. Supra value, Supra comfy, Supra choice!

Queen Size $1,299
King Size $1,499
  • Grand Master 5
  • Grand Master 6
  • Grand Master 7
  • Grand Master 8

Technologically advanced layers of Quantum Gel, visco memory foam, natural silk blends and premium HD foam. Grand Master: A class of its own.

Queen Size $2,199
King Size $2,499

'Awesome mattress! We've had the best nights sleep we've had in ages, thanks again.'

- Jason, Brisbane, QLD
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Our Mattress Blog

Posted January 16, 2016
5 Reasons You Need More Sleep

Whereas you might have been a night owl in your teens, and burned the candle at both ends during your wild early 20s where getting up at 10am and going to sleep at 7am the next day was the norm, sooner or later it will catch up to you and you’ll wonder how you ever survived on less than eight hours sleep a night.

Like any activity, sleep often needs to be planned for, and ensuring you’re comfortable is paramount to a good night’s sleep. So if you’ve started to get bags under your eyes and are feeling irritable, here’s five reasons you need more sleep than you’re probably getting:

It Curbs Your Cravings

Studies conducted by an American university revealed that a lack of sleep can often lead to junk food cravings and chocolate as your body craves quick energy from sugar. In the study, this is put down to a combo of increased primal drive and the front lobes being reduced – when combined this often leads people reaching for chips and pizza.

Getting more sleep can lead to healthier eating habits and also reduces any inkling of midnight cravings.

not getting sleep can lead to bad eating habits


Moody Mandy

They may have woken up on the wrong side of the bed, but it’s no joke when you crack a joke at someone’s expense and they snap back moodily. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that people who have had a lack of sleep react a lot more negatively when things don’t go their way.

Making sure you get enough shut eye can not only improve your mood and be able to concentrate better but reduce your risk of depression too.



Increases Memory Recall

When you sleep, your brain essentially sorts activities and experiences out from the day and discards unimportant details. On top of that, there are a variety of lesser known reasons why sleep can be important to memory recall as Robert Stickgold mentions in this TED talk:

This feeds nicely into…


Clearer Thinking

A bad night’s sleep with a myriad of interruptions and restlessness can leave you feeling fuzzy and confused and slow to start the day. As a result losing out on sleep can impair your recall, attention, and decision making abilities


You’ll Look Great

Allow us to appeal to your vanity for a moment but when you’re fully rested, you’ll look better. Cast your eyes across your workplace and we guarantee you’ll be able to spot the people who get enough sleep and those who don’t. A good night’s sleep can leave you looking attractive, healthy and full of vigour.



So there you have it. If you want further tips on getting more sleep you might want to know how to shut your brain down at bed time and why sleep is important.

Posted December 19, 2015
Is Your Mattress A Potential Petri Dish?

While we fully understand giving your mattress a flip every once in a while or even giving it an occasional steam clean, if your mattress has been in your home for a number of years it could be petri dish of bugs and bodily fluids.

Posted December 11, 2015
How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

For some, too much is not enough. For others, sleep is a minor inconvenience. But how much sleep do you really need?

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